WHO – Covid 19 – Self Sustainability

We face again another wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as I witness within the epicentre of Paris, the tsunami of the pandemic, a silence, anticipating and waiting. Just as the wave of a tsunami is pulled out to sea and then, washes back to the shore line with a vengeance. In Europe this is just the beginning….

This is not all ‘doom and gloom’ we surely as individuals, would have learned from the previous wave?

Wearing our masks, washing our hands regularly and social distancing? The politicians, are and have been doing their best to advise us, on how we as individuals, can take personal responsibility. By following the protocols and advise by the the politicians and the WHO ( World Health Organization).

Here is the latest interview with the WHO (World Health Organization) on the recent updates regarding the Covid-19 emergency, state of affairs.

Sir David Attenborough talks about self sustainability, global pandemics and how we can prevent mass extinction by being more self aware by preserving our natural environment, adjusting our lifestyles and being more adaptable to the changing world, as we have known it to become.

Today, we are facing a collapse of the old world and a new world is evolving, whether we choose to believe it or not, or merely in denial, simply do not care. The fact remains, we are now standing at the, precipice, the forefront of our personal choices, facing head on the consequences of our actions, towards Mother Nature, the natural world.

We’ve ignored the early warnings and clear facts and researched information by scientists, ecologists and well researched, informed people such as Sir David Attenborough, about climate change, the overly consumption of our natural resources, deforestation, fishing, farming, mining and the list continues.

With urbanisation and the mass explosion of the human population, we have become over-run like army ants into the homes of other species of animals, imploded into their natural habitats and it’s been the catalyst for a wide spread of pandemics. Here, we now face a second wave of the Covid-19.

Our natural world has changed and we, as a human race will have to adapt, this will not disappear overnight. We can start to take individual responsibility. Change our lifestyles, educate ourselves about self sustainability.

In Africa people are changing to becoming more solar energy efficient and more people are growing their own food in their garden spaces and urban spaces. It seems we need to look into the positive effects of more local community based values and systems and less urbanisation and globalisation old systems.

To be able survive in this new world, we will need to foresee the self change, of going back to connecting with the natural world, respecting it, preserving of what we have left of our ‘blue planet’ listening to what well researched and informed people have to say, as Sir David Attenborough suggests. After all, he could be pointing us in the right direction, towards a greener and healthier planet, where we can be saved, where our future generations, can still appreciate nature, the trees and clean fresh air, animals and humanity as a whole. Where we still have hope towards a rebirth of a new world and a healthier greener world….

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