Where is the Love?

Where is the LOve?

As a nature lover, connection is everything. Living a plant based diet, doesn’t define me as a person, but it is, a big part of ‘being’ and a symbolic representation of my connection with mother nature, flora, fauna, humanity.

Yet, little do we forget as the more ‘evolved’ species of ‘homo sapiens’ derived from the latin word ‘, ‘homo’ (genitive hominis), which means ‘human being’ and ‘sapiens’ means ‘discerning’ or ‘wise’.  

“We are merely, a part of this complex tapestry of a fragile, complexed eco system, part of the whole, living with the animals, plants and nature. We are not separated from nature, but ONE with nature.”

I read a book in the 90’s called the ‘Naked Ape’ written by Zoologist and Ethologist, Desmond Morris. He explains through the eyes of the scientific spectrum, that we are a yet primates, the closest link, to our cousins the Ape. Desmond Morris’s book, was named after his intensive study of over 193 species of Monkeys and Apes, yet one of the most obviously distinctive difference between us the, ‘homo sapiens’ and Apes, are that our bodies are not covered in hair.

Naked Ape DM

Yet, we still see ourselves to be on the higher moral ground, or on top of the pyramid scheme, when it comes to our relationship and connection with animals.

Peter Singer Philosopher and animal rights activist, wrote the thought provoking book, ‘Animal Liberation’, which covers a broad perspective on all areas of animal exploitation and abuse. To a point where he used the term ‘speciesist’ referring to humans and their relationship to animals. I highly recommend reading this book, if you are curious about the topic and educating yourself on the animal industry and the environmental impact.

Animal_Liberation,_1975_edition (1)

We are in a digital age, we are more connected to our iPhones, smart phones, computers, televisions, tablets than we are to one another and Mother Nature. How often have you step outside this week to connect with nature, a walk in the park, breathe fresh air, or if in a city, walk in a park, be around greenery? We are more disconnected from animals and nature and ourselves within this modern age than our previous ancestors. Our lives are busier than before and what goes onto our plate in earnest, (when we are too busy to cook), we must question. Pause for a moment, connect with your body and health and the food your are eating and what you are actually putting into our body as daily fuel.

Does it really matter? Knowing what we put into our bodies, is vital for our health, educating ourselves and knowing where it comes from? Honestly ask yourself the question, if you knew the cruelty that was inflicted upon the animals before it landed onto your plate, the hormone injected, stressed food, would you still eat it, out of necessity for your health or pleasure? In a first world country, of course you have more choice. This is the advantages you may or not have, but if you are at an advantage to choose, what would it be?

My question to you, the reader,  is to reflect upon why you eat the food you eat? This may be bit uncomfortable. This blog post, may seem a little irritation to you or ‘provocateur’ or a slight thorn in your side, to press the uncomfortable button, to impose, but no, this is merely to educate, for personal honest reflection.

We have gone beyond physical human slavery, so why not now go beyond animal slavery? Women are now allowed to vote and gay marriages are legalised in many countries, animal rights is no less of a moral issue. For the greater good of our planet a preventative of further extinction of animals and possibly ourselves as a human race, we must change our connection with nature, out of necessity, for the survival of not only our own humanity, but the survival of animals and the delicate eco system. We must ask the pressing question, ‘what shall we leave behind for the future generations?’ It’s time to move from the old model, archaic way of thinking, to a more sustainable, greener, balanced and respectful connection with nature, forward thinking.

Yes, ‘change in the world’ can begin with you…


Words Written By – Colleen, Vegan Wanna Bee, Health Coach, Lifestyle Blogger

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