Veganuary Month 2018 – Can you go Plant Base?

We are already halfway through January 2018 and I ask you the question…

Can you really have a plant based diet for just one month?


Call it ‘Veganuary’ month of January or just vegan, you can begin for one entire month to detox with, no meat, no diary, just good fresh veggies and fruit? But hey, the real big question is ‘where do you get your protein’?

For all you healthy, conscious people or you just simply curious about a plant base/vegan diet, the answer is in the tasty legumes, i.e. lentils, beans, tofu, tempah. Do you know that Lewis Hamilton, Formula One Champion, has recently announced he is on a plant based vegan diet, for many reasons to do with his health and feeling so much better for it! Including awesome singer, Will I Am from the band, ‘Black Eyed Peas’, (excuse the pun) but seriously, Will I Am has also gone onto a plant base diet recently he calls it ‘Vgang’ diet, not surprised, knowing their lyrics and poignant dope rap tunes, like this one:


click on picture to start video

Besides, the proof is in the health and other reasons, so for January we encouraging you for a personal challenge, to taste a plant based way of life for one month and see how it makes you feel, in your body & mind, your consciousness. No strings attached, or any crazy, avocado, green vegan ‘preachiness’ (if there is such a word).

In the meantime, I shall go and hug a tree and meditate and put our message ‘out there’ about ‘Veganuary’, I’m here to assist you in guidance, coaching to kick start your one month of a plant base diet. The truth is, you can find out information on this topic yourself, but the good news is, I can honestly talk from experience, been on a plant base diet for 15 years and vegetarian previously for 5 years.

Going the full monty with plant base is far healthier and I’ve got some amazing delicious and healthy, easy to make, home-made recipes to share with you. (my French boyfriend, a keen vegan foodie and great cook himself, really appreciates the recipes).

To give the Veganuary for one month a go with personal coaching, including for yoga and health retreats, please email.



Breathe, OM – Happiness & health CLC


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