Vegan Marathon Runner -My Top Ten Tips on Fitness

Training for the Brighton Half Marathon in April this year a 26 miles run (42km), in the middle of winter, has been one of the biggest challenges for me these past few months. However, I love the process, running on a plant based, vegan diet, integrating the skills of mindfulness (thank you my dear friend, Dr. Cathirose for the reminder of the mindfulness process!). Being focused on every step, connecting the mind and the body, enjoying the connection with mother nature, whilst running out doors helps with the preparation process.

This is my first half marathon and the main motivation is for raising funds for a Vegan charity. This is my small contribution to help towards raising funds for animals and creating an awareness towards a more compassionate and loving approach towards our animal friends and a healthier and greener environment.

I’ve been on a plant based vegan diet for over 20 years and being active with different sport, yoga, tai chi, qigong, dancing, swimming, running, cycling, freediving, hiking most of my life.

The key ingredient to staying fit and healthy is not just with exercise, but also includes what you eat. Food is your medicine.

Having a healthy body also includes having a healthy mind, both are just as important as the other.

Majority of athletes, sport orientated people, fitness people include meditation, mindfulness, visualization as part of their training.

During the next few weeks and build up towards the Brighton Marathon, I shall blog regularly on my training programme on healthy tips on delicious recipes for vegan, plant based, wellness tips and Podcast interviews with some experts in the field of health and wellbeing.

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My top ten basic tips for staying fit and healthy are:

  • Always begin your day with a healthy breakfast, skipping breakfast will only get you to eat junk food in-between meals, lowering your energy levels
  • Do your best to try eat less meat and balance with more organic fresh veggies, fruits, legumes etc. Even if you try eat meat only once per week, it’s a start.
  • Exercise at least x3 times per week to stay fit and healthy
  • Drink plenty of water everyday to hydrate your body 1-2 litres per day
  • Bring more quiet time in nature, connect with the natural elements, by walking, cycling, running
  • Journal your thoughts on a weekly basis, to destress your mind
  • Watch less TV and read an interesting book, unplug at times to have a break from electronic devices
  • Connect with animals, they have a great way of relaxing you!
  • Try out some meditation practise at least 10-15 minutes per day, I shall write about this in my next blog post!
  • Walk barefoot in nature more often on the grass or on the beach to ground yourself and be connected to the earth

Thats it for today! Enjoy my top ten basic fit and healthy tips and hope this helps you to make change towards a healthier you, or at least a start!

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‘Remember Your Health Is Your Wealth’

-words written by Colleen Lifestyle Coaching

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