Tempeh & Cranberry Exotic Plant Based Salad

Delicious Plant Based Tempeh & Cranberry Salad – made by Colleen @Vegan Wannabee


As the summer approaches us in France and our ‘Mindfulness Adventures Retreats’ begins in July this year from the 13th – 23rd of July 2019, we are giving you just a small ‘taster’ of another one our favourite recipes from the Vegan Wannabee kitchen in France. Where we shall be sharing and tasting with the best vegan French wines & more of our yummy, healthy recipes at our retreat!

A Beautiful Vineyard Tour in France at our Mindfulness Adventures Retreat in July 2019

Our reservations website is at www.veganwannabee.com

One our favourite vegan treats is delicious tempeh and it is such a flexible plant based protein for a vegan diet. I first discovered this delicious food in Indonesia, Bali where they put this in just about everything and it is really tasty once you know the HOW to cook with this delicious tempeh!


Serves up to six people

X 400 grams of Tempeh

Half a cup of Cranberries

X3 Shallots

X1 Big Green Lettuce

For your Exotic Sauce:

Half a Lemon

X3 Cloves of Garlic, chopped

X3 Shallots Chopped

X1 Small Green Chile Chopped (take the seeds out)

X2 tbsp Soya Sauce

X1 tbsp of Olive oil

A pinch of Sea Salt


Stir fry the tempeh in shallow fry olive oil until crispy and drain

Your Exotic Sauce-

Chopped shallots, garlic, green chilli and half a lemon fine 

X2 tablespoons fo soya sauce

X2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix all ingredients together in a salad bowl and then firstly add your lettuce then your tempeh and lastly a sprinkle of cranberries, toss your salad and serve with Jasmine or a mixed brown grain rice! Perfect for lunch or dinner meal. Enjoy!

– Recipe by Colleen @ Vegan WannaBee our boutique – www.veganwannabee.com

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