Plant based cooking classes

Our Eco Plant Based cooking classes and retreats are fun, educational, easy to make recipes, healthy, delicious and you can also try out our tasty plant based desserts!

Perhaps you are simply curious? Why not join us for our enjoyable and delicious, organic cuisine in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Connecting to Mother Nature, learning more about a kitchen garden and ecology, whilst eating delicious home made cuisine.

We welcome anyone, young and old to try out our plant based classes, if you are interested in improving your cooking skills, your health or lose weight, or already enjoying plant based cuisine, our cooking classes are for you!

Colleen, has been on a plant based lifestyle for over twenty years and shares with you recipes from the heart of the kitchen, inspired by her travels. A colourful and tasty mixture of veggies from a kitchen garden in France, to fragrant spices from Indonesia, India and Africa! With an infusion of Japanese and French cuisine. An explosion of flavours and a variation of recipes to be appreciated by all.

An added speciality during our cooking classes and retreats, is a ‘Zen’ tea ceremony, an infusion of different teas to taste from around the world!

To book onto one of our cooking classes or cooking retreats, click onto our calendar to view spaces that are available.

We also offer individual cooking classes for special occasions, party ideas and or group bookings for companies.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and cooking with you!