Cuisine/Cooking Classes

We welcome anyone, young and old to try out our vegan cuisine, cooking classes! If you are enthusiastic to try out new, delicious vegan recipes, x3 course meals, including scrumptious desserts, let us know!

Colleen is a vegan (for the past 25 years) and is a passionate foodie. She loves creating new, tasty vegan recipes and is inspired by her travels, taking in all of the aroma’s, tastes and array of rich and fragrant fusion of food from different cultures, around the world.

From the spices of India to Indonesia’s tempeh (bean curd wrapped in banana leaf) curries and delicious Balinese dishes. During the past 5 years she has been living in France, growing her own organic veggies with her husband and making fresh vegan dishes from their organic vegetables.

Colleen is very inspired by French cuisine and exploring and tasting the vegan French cuisine in Paris, their exquisite presentation with food, taste, fragrant aromas and there speciality in patisserie, baguettes and the French croissant! Oolalala! Of course sitting outside in a café in Paris, having an apéritif and watching the world go by.

During our cooking classes, we shall explore different French & asian cuisine including mouth watering desserts. All our ingredients used are fresh and healthy.

Our classes can be run from your home for a minimum group of X6 people and max 10 people, to have the benefit of the cooking experience! Afterwards, we all taste and try our dishes made with a fragrant glass of wine, if you like.

Our classes are for X3 hours at a time including the tasting time included.

To book yourself and a group onto our cooking classes. Please do contact us at –

Colleen looks forward to cooking with you!

Merci beaucoup,

Happy Cooking!


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