meditating at home for Zen time

Are you at home during lockdown or remote working? Need some extra boost and motivation? Tired of sitting all day long in front of your computer screen or smartphone/iphone? Trying to find ways to stay healthy, tried all of the quick fixes diets, detoxing, juicing, started exercising then stopped with no results?

Feeling stressed or unbalanced these days?

Do you need guidance or coaching on any of the following?

  • staying healthy
  • keeping off those kilo’s
  • eating healthier and balanced
  • managing your stress levels
  • looking for more ways to be Zen
  • interested in learning meditation
  • or light yoga, qigong for exercise

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions. I can help you and this is why you need a personal Health and Wellbeing Coach!

Colleen your Health Coach

Firstly, lets begin by booking your first 30 minute free session with me via Skype (first 30 min is free!). During our first session, I shall create a programme specifically designed just for you.

I offer different options for your programmes:

  •  X5 sessions over a 21 day period or
  •  x3 months programmes these are usually over 15 sessions
  • x12 months programmes usually over X48 sessions over a one year period

The choice is yours, at your own time and at your own pace on line at your home, I’m just a click away!

To sign up for your first session with me click on this email and let’s set up our first session! Email:

I’m looking froward to working with you!

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