Business Health Coaching – Online

Your personalised Executive Eco Health Coach, Colleen.  I will assist you and guide you towards eco friendly, stress free solutions!

I offer online bespoke health coaching or team coaching for your business.

  • positive impact on personal work performance
  • less sick days off work
  • managing stress levels
  • working towards a healthier & happier, balanced environment to work in
  • team building & positive communication
  • ecological greener awareness in your work and business

Consider these following questions:

  • Does your business require more guidance on how to maintain health & wellness within your company, your team, employees, managers, CEO’s?
  • Would you prefer to have less days off sick for yourself and your staff and a healthier balance?
  • Does your stress at work affect yourself personally and your team players within your work place or business?
  • Would you like to bring more harmony and balance and wellbeing within your business and employees?
  • Are you wanting to learn more about ecological awareness, implement a more green friendly ethos within your business?

“Stress free and ecological solutions.”

Executive Business Health Coaching Packages – Online

  • 90 Minute Initial Health Coaching/Consultation
  • Premium Health Coaching Package
  • Diamond Health Coaching Package
  • Gold Executive/Business Health Coaching Package

Personalised, Individual Packages online.

During our coaching sessions our main focus areas are:

  • De stress with Mindfulness Meditation
  • Ecological Education Implementation
  • Detox, Cleanse & Digital Detox
  • Healthy & Nutrition
  • Qigong & Fitness Exercises
  • Focus and Team Building
  • Ecological Leadership Skills

Begin towards finding healthy solutions with your personal Coach today!

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