Ecological Consulting for Businesses Online



Colleen your personal Ecological Consultant

Remote Working or in Lockdown or still having to travel to the office.

Does your business need solutions and ideas on how to become more ecologically educated?

Would you like to be more knowledgeable on how to bring ecologically into your business ethos structure and how to leave less carbon footprints?

Be the eco leaders and role models of your business?

Working with your Ecological Consultant and Coach, I will assist you and guide you towards eco friendly, stress free solutions! If you are remote working at home or still traveling to work. I am here to help you find that ecological balance within your business.

I offer online bespoke Eco consulting & health coaching for your business and for your employees towards a greener and healthier working days.

The benefits being-

  • education on a greener, more ecological approach
  • less carbon footprints and learning about recycling and self sustainability.
  • solutions in being more ecological day to day working at home/ remote working or in the office
  • less sick days off work, healthier eco remote working environment
  • managing stress levels during lockdown
  • working towards a healthier & happier, balanced environment to work in
  • team building & positive communication online with eco solutions


Executive Ecological Consulting Online –

  • First initial 30 min introduction consulation is free of charge
  • 90 min Ecological Consultation
  • We offer the various packages to suit your business needs
  • Starter Premium Eco Consulting Package
  • Intermediate Eco Consulting Package
  • Advanced Green Executive/Business Eco Consulting Package

Just a click away, go to our shop services to purchase your online consultation!

“To book your initial free ecological consultation with your eco health coach, please fill in the form below or email at:

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