Eco Wellness retreat / seminar

Welcoming you to our eco health and wellness retreats. Our retreats are specifically created and held in beautiful locations, surrounded by the peace tranquility of nature, to help reconnect to our natural selves. Meeting like minded people, being nourished with delicious, healthy organic food, destress, morning qigong, meditation, ecological education, walks, gardening, swimming and group discussions.

We have options of our online, virtual retreats! If you cannot travel, or concerned about your carbon footprints by traveling to one of our retreats, why not ‘plug in’ from the comfort of your own home and connect to us live via your laptop.

This way, you can still be connected to us and have a ‘virtual retreat’ with us at your own pace! With the modern, fast pace 21st century, with your busy schedules, no need to travel to the top of a mountain to meditate and unwind. When you can walk in your local park and connect with nature outside nearest to you and enjoy a ‘virtual online retreat’ at your own pace with us.

For further info on our online retreat packages, fill in our form below and we shall contact you!

During our retreats, we shall enjoy:

Connection to nature and yourself

Mindfulness meditation



Healthy plant based cuisine

Cooking Classes


Making new friends


Self reflection and own quality time

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next retreat!

For further information regarding our wellness retreats, please fill in the form below, thank you.