Qigong is an ancient form of martial arts, which has been practised for over thousands of years for relaxation, health and wellbeing. Qigong involves, slow and precise movements of the body, with focusing on the breath and the point of focus, being in the present moment. It is also considered a form of meditation.

The health benefits are:

Extended wellbeing and longevity

Inner peace and inner calm

Calms the mind from mental stress

Helps to de stress for your mind, body and spirit

Lowers high blood pressure

Increases your fitness levels

Strengthens your inner core

Decreases lockdown anxiety and stress

Qigong is easily practised at your home inside or outside, in a park, in your garden, anywhere! To discover the benefits of qigong in your personal life, your eco health coach is happy to work with you!

Zoom sessions are available through the virtual world. Too set up an introduction session email: contact@ukuhamba.eu


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