Remote Working Creating Your Own Zen Space


One to One Coaching on how to create your own ZEN office space for your Remote Working, Online –

X1hr Consulting/ Coaching Session 60 Euros or 6 Sessions for 330 Euros + 1 free

Your personal Health and Wellbeing Coach will show you the in’s and out’s on how to create your perfect calm, ZEN office space at the comfort of your own home. #REMOTE WORKING ONLINE ZEN OFFICE SPACE#



One to One Coaching on how to create your own Zen Work Space –

Working at home during lockdown or self quarantine #Remote Working# at home. Your personal health and wellness coach will show you how to create the right Zen space to work in whilst you stay at home. Creating your own calm work space has many healthy benefits –

  • Calm working environment
  • Focus
  • Work Productivity
  • Work and Personal Life Balance
  • Bringing Nature into your work space
  • Achieving your business goals
  • A positive mindset
  • De stress with good health
  • Green friendly and ecological