Fitness 21 Days Workout Online @ Home


X8 sessions X1hr each over 21 days + 1 session Free

Your personal Health and Fitness Coach Virtual Online, bringing the gym to you within the comfort of your own home! Staying At Home, Remote Working, In Lockdown, keep your attitude positive and your health and fitness at a good level. I will coach you, to help you achieve your personal goals with realistic exercises, weight goals, including healthy recipes.


X8 sessions X1hr each over 21 days + 1 session Free.

Gym Workout online in the comfort of your own home, if you are #remote working# or #staying at home#. 

This is a perfect time to keep your health, weight and wellbeing in check. Your personal health & fitness coach will connect with you on line to coach and bring the gym to you and help you achieve your fitness levels, destress and lose weight, tone, with various exercises, yoga, stretching, qigong and running or cycling, your preference. To suit your health and wellbeing needs. Including delicious healthy recipes during your remote working, lockdown, stay at home experience.

It will be a fun experience, with positive results!

I’m looking forward to coaching you online.