Our New World 2020

Dear Fellow Humans, Brothers and Sisters,

Most of the world, presently is experiencing some form of isolation during this lockdown. Including fear of the unknown, what exactly is this virus called “COVID-19”? We are fed different information daily in the media. One thing is for certain, since this global pandemic, there has been clearer skies, the lungs of Mother Nature can breathe again (interesting that the Coronavirus attacks the lungs mainly and prevents one from breathing.) The oceans are cleaner, for the first time in Venice, people can see the clear water and marine life emerging, less noise pollution from aeroplanes, less traveling by cars, trains, boats, we have been forced to stop! ‘Reset’ the button. Remain still, be silenced, enjoy the quietness and breathe in fresher air, listen to the deafening silence of our own heart beat.

Over 2 billion people world wide are now in self isolation, just imagine how the world will be after this? As humanity, we are being forced to take a deep look into our own individual psyche, and make change on a conscious level. This is our ‘wake up call’ as a human race, collectively, as a global community. Covid-19 has affected, each and every one of us around the world, in some way, either through our health, self isolating, blocked from traveling, being without our loved ones or shut way from our every day lives. This pandemic is not selective and travels across the global spectrum, to the young or old, middle aged, rich or poor, those trying to survive day by day and those just comfortably surviving day to day. We’ve been perpetually, running on our hamster wheel, asleep.

The reality is, the world is changing rapidly, we’ve had to make the change, urgently, the old system has collapsed, symbolically, money and power doesn’t reign, the natural laws of Mother Nature or one another, humanity. Globalisation doesn’t sustain the new model of the world that is becoming, and it certainly doesn’t sustain our natural environment, resources, our home, Mother Nature, planet earth.

Beyond the fear and self isolation or anxiety that arises, this is our time to go beyond our fears, connect with one another, brothers and sisters, with a sense of urgency and community spirit, reach out to your loved ones, your pets, friends and neighbours, through the virtual world if need be. During this surreal time of uncertainty, we can find the comfort in knowing we are all in this together, united globally as citizens of the world, with no frontiers or borders in our hearts and minds.

Through self reflection, moments of quietness and mindfulness, we can make personal, positive change on a collective level of consciousness and as a result, once this has passed, embrace the new mindset by living in harmony with our natural world and one another. Living with more hope, love and altruism.

Stay home, stay safe.

with positivity and love,


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