How to stay fit & healthy during lockdown?

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During the lockdown in France, I prepared for one of the most well known marathons. The London Marathon which turned virtual, I completed the race solo on the 4th of October, after running 43km in 8 degrees temperature and rain in France. It was a very different experience running solo, as apposed to the previous year running the Brighton Marathon

I ran to raise funds for the charity PETA UK and to create an awareness towards tackling climate change. I throughly enjoyed the experience and found the 43km journey that much more challenging, yet rewarding, running for a good cause, was really motivational!

Running a marathon solo, takes another level of not just physical fitness, but the psychological, for example, when I hit the runners ‘wall’ within the 15km in the cold and rain, I had to take out those mindfulness meditation tools, I’ve learnt over the years, which is to be present and focus on every step, one by one. This helped me get into my psychological fitness.

It is not just about running a marathon, it is about the process and the journey getting there

After the 22 halfway mark it became easier. My plant based diet helped with my fitness performance, as I monitored on my Fit bit, my pulse rate and heart beat. Running a Marathon takes a lot of psychological and physical preparation. I found, with the health and wellbeing tools, I have learned over the years, this definitely has been an advantage towards my training and fitness levels.

The world has changed, as we know it, we will need to adapt our lifestyles, and have health and fitness & being ecologically minded, as the top of our priorities.

I’ve registered for next years London Virtual Marathon in 2021, I also hope to run the New York Marathon Virtual at some stage too!

I’m currently running online health and fitness & ecological wellbeing, one to one coaching and for groups if needed.

To assist you as your personal trainer, in the comfort of your own home on online. You will have your own personal Health Coach, during the lockdown period, or for people who are working at home remotely, wanting to shed a few kilo’s, keep that lockdown weight off, or simply to just stay healthy!

During our online coaching sessions, I will share with you some top Healthy Tips for staying in good shape during lockdown and working from home remotely. Nutrition advise, healthy recipes, learn more about being ecologically mindful, fitness exercises, yoga goal planning and more!

Remember, you do not need to be at any super fitness level to begin, start where you are, this is where we can begin!

To Sign up for your initial 2 week free trial, email me at

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Your Personal Virtual Health & Fitness Coach, Colleen

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