Wishing ALL you Ladies today a wonderful ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ today!

Women’s International Day reminds us of the beauty and sacredness of the Devine Feminine, the Goddess within each and everyone of us women! Today may you take time out for yourself, pamper yourself.

During my journey up until now, I’ve been fortunate to meet incredible women and worked with and coach women who are in different phases of their lives. They have all been such an inspiration in my life and it’s encouraging to see how more women nowadays are being taken more seriously in business, the work place and within politics, becoming strong role models and ambassadors for future generations.

It’s needed more than before, our planet, the great mother, ‘Pacha Mama’ must get back into the balance, revived, nurtured, nourished. After all she does take care of us, provides the flora and fauna, human beings with abundance. Taking care of our Mother Earth, the feminine is a mirroring, a reflection of what needs to be taken care of within ourselves as women too.

So today here is just a gentle reminder and some tips on how you can pamper yourself today and feel like the Goddess you are, not just today, but every day!

  • take a salt bath with essential oils and soak with candles
  • read from your favourite book
  • share your favourite meal with a friend/your lover
  • take a walk, meditate in nature with your pet or on your own
  • treat yourself for an aromatherapy massage
  • journal top positive things you like to do for yourself and take action
  • listen to your favourite music album
  • paint, draw, do something creative
  • book a holiday or mini weekend break getaway for just you!

Enjoy and make every day a women’s day for you!

Colleen Health Coaching

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