Your physical fitness is an important part of your health and wellbeing. We are holistic beings, mind, body and spirit and it’s important we take care and nourish this on all levels.

With your personal eco health coach, Colleen, she will guide you through various levels of fitness and wellbeing techniques and exercises, according to your personal needs and physical condition.

Initially with a free 30 min consultation via Zoom, Colleen shall do an overview of your current health and helping you setting goals of how to achieve your personal fitness levels. Afterwards creating a bespoke fitness programme, just for you. Working together, one step at a time and helping you towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Fitness helps you with:

  • Destress the body and mind
  • Physical and mental strength
  • Cardiovascular strengthens the heart
  • Maintaining your longevity and youth
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Helps with a good night’s sleep

To book your online Zoom fitness sessions with your personal eco coach, Colleen. Email at:


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