Dr Cathirose Wellness Expert & Facilitator

Cathirose Petrone, ND MA CNC, is an internationally known clinician, counselor, educator, mentor, health advocate, and the Founder of Wholistic Integrative Wellness. With a Doctorate in Naturopathy, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, professional certifications from the American Alternative Medical Association and American Association of Nutritional Consultants, and over 25 years of professional knowledge, experience, and wisdom, Dr. Petrone has dedicated her life to wellness.

In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr. Petrone has been a writer and editor for the American Herbal Pharmacopeia for more than two decades, is an editor for the American Botanical Council’s HerbMedPro database, and has authored the book, Mindfulness and Healing: A Clinician’s Guide. As well, Dr. Petrone has lectured and facilitated workshops, seminars, and retreats around the globe, including in Bali, Hawaii, Italy, Mexico, and the US. Among the extensive scope of topics on which she has presented are: Living a Life in Balance; The Truth About Living a Long Healthy Life; Stress: The Hidden Epidemic; Rewire the Recovering Brain; Rewrite Your Narrative; The Mind, Body, Heart Connection; Cultivating Wholistic Relationships; Mindfulness and Healing, and Moving Beyond Loss: A Return to Wholeness.

With such a breadth and depth of experience, Dr. Petrone offers both one-on-one and group support, providing skilled guidance as well as compassionate encouragement in exploring options, finding solutions, and achieving short- and long-term goals. Lectures, seminars, retreats, guest facilitations, and educational programs can be designed to meet specific needs. She is honored to be part of the Ukuhamba team! 


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