DIY – Health Tips “Stay At Home”

During my 6th week in lockdown here in France. I’m being mindful in taking each day and trying to not be overwhelmed, by the social media and press and the unknown certainty of what lies ahead of us.

Yet, I have seen incredible acts of kindness from our fellow human beings, through the stories I’ve read, the messages I’ve received from friends and family.

The act of heroism, by the medical team of nurses and doctors, people on the front line saving lives and keeping us all safe, whilst we are staying at home, during our lockdown period.

The true hero’s during our lockdown, the medical staff.

However there is, I believe the minority who decide to ignore what has been requested, to ‘stay home’ to prevent the cataclysmic spread of the covid -19 virus even further. Majority of us, have access to the news, media through our mobile phones, Tv’s etc.

Collectively, we are therefore aware, clearly to ‘Stay At Home.’ Unless you are seriously in a bad situation and in unfortunate conditions and have to move i.e.; living in a township in Alexandra in South Africa, or Soweto, or stuck in Delhi India with no food, home, money or work, to feed your family. Forced to walk miles by foot, to reach the nearest village to be with your family and loved ones.

In the western world, this is beyond our comprehension, far removed from our everyday reality, how people in less fortunate situations, are coping.

During these past few weeks of lockdown, it has given me precious time, a clearer perspective of self reflection, mindfulness meditation, in gratitude to look at the world through different eyes. Seeing the fragility and vulnerability of us, as a human race. How we are all interconnected and how we are all merely guests visiting our ‘home’ called ‘earth.’

At times like these, the importance of taking care of our ‘home’ our natural environment is of crucial importance, prioritising our own value systems, building healthy communities, being more self sustainable and finding ways to reconnect and find balance and harmony with the natural world again.

After all, hasn’t Mother Nature shown us again who is currently running the show, who is really in charge?

In Delhi, India, showing acts of kindness during lockdown, empty streets. We are all interconnected.

I’m sure you are aware by now, the importance of staying at home.


I’ve always tried to look ‘on the bright side of life’ (whistle, whistle) and so, as a health and wellness, fitness coach, I’m sharing with you some of my DIY Lockdown health tips over the next few weeks, to brighten your days, weeks, hours, minutes or seconds even, during your lockdown. Who knows how long this shall last?

The fact is your ‘health is your wealth’ during these especially challenging times!

Here are my top TEN DIY Health Tips:

Keep yourself active, walk, skipping, press-ups, football with your dog

Eat healthy – cook fresh food, more greens

Keep your mind healthy with mindfulness meditation (I offer free sessions online)

Increase your vitamin C with fresh lemon and hot water to sip, boosts your immune system

Grow your own, garden with veggies, even in pots if you don’t have the space

Stay positive with listening to upbeat music

Filter the amount of negative press you are watching

Learn a new skill ( I’m learning French and an online TESOL, Teaching English course)

Put your skills to use through online to help others during this time

Adopt a pet, many animals are abandoned especially during this time

Stay at home, be patient, have gratitude and be safe!


Words written by Colleen, Ukuhamba Health & Wellness Coaching



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