After LOCKDOWN #covid19

Are we our own worst enemy?

After being in lockdown in France for over the past few weeks, people are celebrating in the streets of Paris and outer areas of Paris, their ‘liberation’ after the period of lockdown against this ‘enemy,’ the world wide pandemic called, Covid-19.

During this period of lockdown, I hope some people, even if the minority of the world’s population, have taken some of their time, out of their day, to reflect within themselves, how to make positive change. To prepare one’s self of the inevitable, that, the world has changed, as we know it. Since the Coronavirus arrived and decided to become an invited host, into our home, planet earth, our every day lives. Clearly it is here to stay for sometime, until a vaccination is discovered.

For some, people are celebrating their ‘liberation’ and freedom, but the reality is the world has changed and we shall have to learn to adapt, morph, live with this ‘host’ for sometime.

We are too, guests, ‘Homo sapiens’, which in Latin means ‘wise man’, in scientific terms, classified under – ‘Mammalia,’ (mammals) and regarded in the same family as ‘Primates’, in the ‘Animal’ kingdom. We are part of this extraordinary diversity of the animal kingdom, Mother Nature. Due to our ‘wise man’ status, we have a responsibility to take care of our natural habitat, our home.

An article I wrote in the local newspaper in 1998 on my concerns of climate change and the disconnect from nature.

Even during this mass exodus of people moving world wide and having their freedom back, we still mustn’t forget, we are not immune to the Covid-19 or to climate change, paradoxically we have a responsibility for the both.

Remember less is more and during our lockdown many of us have realised, how we actually survived with a lot less in consumption, as a consumer in our everyday lives. Really, consider investing more in greener choices, this connects you with a healthier lifestyle. How often we move, travel, go on holiday, what is our carbon footprint and our personal contribution? This is not all ‘doom and gloom’ but more towards uplifting our way of being, doing and our personal attitudes towards our new changing world.

Here are some of my health tips to help you be more aware, about your health and wellbeing, whilst the lockdown has been temporary uplifted for now. Including being more ecological minded and educating ourselves on being, less self driven and more respectable towards our natural environment, not just for ourselves presently, but for future generations.

Just to consider:

Wear a face mask, when you are in a public area, not only to protect yourself but for the other, be considerate towards one another

Keep a distance when standing in public areas

Take your temperature regularly

Take better care of your body and mind, keep a strong immune system, exercise at least x4 per week, walking, running, yoga.

Connect with nature on a regular basis, even if it means buying more indoor plants, if you don’t have a garden

Eat more healthier foods, ideally organic and more greens, less animal products (google on the animal farming and its consumption) affecting the planet; watch ‘What The Health’ documentary explains more –

Start growing your own organic veggies if you have a garden or look at getting an allotment space, if in an urban environment

Start recycling, find out when your local community collects or where the recycle bins are

Begin a community project to educate your local community on ecological living and what this means.

A You Tube link on ecological education by Sir David Attenborough –

Stay safe, stay healthy and ecologically aware.

-words written by Colleen – Ukuhamba

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