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Your New Eco Health Coach!

“The journey of 1000 miles, begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Colleen is an expert Health and Eco Wellness Coach, facilitator, a vegan, plant based marathon runner and free diver. She has coached and facilitated many of her clients internationally, transforming and helping them move forwards, towards a healthier and greener, ecological friendly lifestyle.

An ecological wellness expert, Colleen has created and facilitated retreats in London, the UK, Spain, Denmark, France, Bali Indonesia and Singapore.

Featured in the British Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar and Men’s Health magazines, her eco health and wellness retreats are run in beautiful and relaxing locations including, Bali Indonesia, UK and France.

Your health & wellbeing is one of the most important investments you can make, eventually it has a positive impact on your health, relationships and the natural environment.



An Eco Health & Wellness Coach for over 15 years, previously, a successful Health Coach in London.

Previously working within the business corporate world of international stock markets and marketing, I understand the levels of stress and how this can have an impact on your health.

I’ve coached people, from all walks of life, from corporate city professionals, professional footballer’s, CEO’s of companies, doctors, therapists, celebrities and corporate companies. Including facilitating at wellness retreats & health spa’s.

I’m a professional and qualified Health & Ecological Wellness Coach, a facilitator, a sports mentor, a teacher of mindfulness meditation & teacher of Qigong, a form of martial arts.


My Journey

Born in Durban South Africa, I lived within close proximity of the African, Zulu tribal people. Living within the African savannah and being close to the natural world, of Mother Nature, the animals on land and within the ocean. I grew up during this rather conflicting, political time, when black and white people of South Africa were separated.

The generation I grew up in during this time, was known as ‘the Mandela generation,’ referring particularly to people of all races, who were standing up against the racial discrimination of apartheid.

We were working together in unity, towards the liberation and freedom of Nelson Mandela.

During the early 1990’s, I discovered a book by Peter Singer, called Animal Liberation and questioned the similar moral concerns and decided to become a vegan, based on the research and exposure to the animal cruelty in the meat industry and dairy farming. I continue to be on a vegan/ plant based diet for over the past twenty years. Sharing delicious recipes during my wellness coaching sessions.

I later studied and applied meditation practise through a Buddhist Retreat Centre in South Africa, learning the Theravada (more Zen approach) philosophy and teachings. I learned and trained the martial arts form of Qigong with ordained Buddhist Monks, from Thailand an applied practise of meditation.

I later emigrated to the UK, where I worked, studied and qualified as a holistic sports therapist, aromatherapist, health and wellness coach. I furthered my studies and practise at a school of Tai Chi/Qigong, Chen style lineage of the Grand Master Chen Xiao-Wang. Integrating my skills and practise. Later working for a 5 star health and fitness spa as a sports therapist and later, running my own therapy room and practise, working with city professionals in London as their personal Eco Health and Wellness Coach, helping them transform their lives into a healthier, greener lifestyle.

All that I teach has become a way of life, which continues to bring me internal and external health & wellbeing, happiness and inner fulfilment. A journey, I continue to walk.

I’ve lived in Bali Indonesia for 8 years, immersing within the local culture, learning and practising yoga, freediving and furthering my studies and practise in mindfulness meditation.

Currently, with my expertise and years of putting my skills into practise, I’m working together with our ‘Ukuhamba’ team, helping facilitate, owners and managers of health retreats and yoga teachers, therapist and practitioners. Together working holistically, to bring about more ecological understanding and approach into their teaching and businesses.

It takes a solid team to build a dream

Our Vision

At Ukuhamba, (which means to go forward in Zulu) we are working together, to help and educate people to move forwards. Taking charge of their health and wellbeing and their ecological impact (carbon footprints), they have on the natural environment. Both on land and within the oceans.

For ecological change to take place, it begins with the individual and this extends to others and the communities.

Our team at Ukuhamba integrates green ecological awareness, in all areas of our work ethos. Through eco health coaching, organic gardening, eco health & wellness retreats and community projects.

To find out more, please do contact us at: contact@ukuhamba.eu

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

During my travels over the past twenty years, the common ecological thread, I’ve observed from Africa, to Europe, UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, is the re occurrence of these signs of climate change.
From the smallest fishing villages in Bali Indonesia, to the bigger rural communities in the UK and Europe.
People educated, or not educated about climate change, through their own observations, see there is evidence of huge change in our weather patterns.
I noticed particularly the enormous amounts of plastic floating in the oceans and trash being dumped. An enthusiastic free diver and lover of the ocean, its heart breaking to see, do we realise that our blue planet earth is more than 80% of water, covered by our oceans?
Upon my journey, I discovered the African Philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’ meaning ‘I am because we are,’ this ethos runs through the veins of African people.
‘ Ubuntu ngumutu ngabanye abantu’ (a person is a person, through other people).
Through this, I found Ukuhamba, meaning to ‘walk forwards’ in Zulu and created our ‘Ubuntu’ team here at Ukuhamba. Integrating a green forward thinking ethos, on ecological health & wellness.

My Experience

Years of travelling
Years of coaching
Years of meditation practice
Years of Qigong practice
Years on plant base diet
Marathons as vegan runner
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