Learning English as a Second Language for Businesses or Personally – Online

Are you interested and enthusiastic to learn English within your business, corporate company, or just for yourself? Do you need to brush up with your English spoken language for personal, business to communicate easily and internationally? Your personal English speaking coach, Colleen can teach you online, with clarity and efficiency in the comfort of your own home, environment.

I myself have learned to speak two other languages besides English and learned another two other languages, for conversational, during my travels to communicate effectively and still learning! I understand the process of learning a new language.


As a coach, I have taught internationally and understand the challenges of communication in a second language or third! I’ve helped teach people to improve their skills to speak confidently the English spoken language. I teach & consult business English as a second language, for corporate companies, individuals personally, who wish to improve their English skills. I will assist you to improve your business English skills, or every day English speaking language skills, with articulation, confidence and ease.

  • Every day English spoken language
  • Meetings, sales and marketing
  • International negotiations and meetings
  • ¬†Staff training for improving their English skills
  • Telephonic skills and communication in English

With over 15 years experience of Coaching experience, from London to Singapore & currently in Paris, I understand the importance of having a language skill, such as English, when working with people from different countries and nationalities, in business.

To book English sessions on line via Skype or in person email me contact@ukuhamba.eu