Executive Health coaching and consulting sessions, are available with Colleen for:

  • 90 Minute Health Coaching/Consultation
  • Premium Health Coaching Package
  • Diamond Health Coaching Package
  • Gold Executive/Business Health Coaching Package

Packages for online coaching are:

Personalised Digital Detox, Retreat Online X3 Days includes:

  • Destress with Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breath work for relaxation, focus and clarity
  • Detox, Cleanse & Digital Detox
  • Healthy Cooking Guidance
  • Qigong Exercises
  • x3 hours of Health Coaching sessions with Colleen

The top positive points I can offer as your personal Executive Health Coach for your company or business are:

  • positive impact on personal work performance
  • less sick days off work
  • managing stress levels
  • working towards a healthier & happier environment to work in
  • team building & positive communication

The health tools I work with within your company are:

  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Ecological/Green awareness to implement
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Leadership team building skills

To book an initial session with me, as your Executive Health Coach, contact me via email at:


Previous to your consultation, a questionnaire  will be sent to you to answer regarding your health & wellbeing. Afterwards we set up a Skype call which shall be over 90 minutes. Thereafter we can arrange further online Skype sessions with yourself and your work team. Or if you are within the Paris or London area, I’m happy to travel to your offices. This shall all be discussed during our initial first contact Skype session

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make change towards a healthier and balanced working environment.


Sessions are strictly at all times confidential and professional between Colleen and her clientele.