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WHO – Covid 19 – Self Sustainability

We face again another wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as I witness within the epicentre...

WHO – Covid 19 – Self Sustainability
London Virtual Marathon 26.2 miles!

On Sunday the 4th of October, I shall be running the London Virtual Marathon, 26.2...

London Virtual Marathon 26.2 miles!
London Marathon 2020 Virtual

A year has passed, since I ran the Brighton Marathon 2019, it was my first...

London Marathon 2020 Virtual
Healthy Heart & Mind – Coping during the pande

Numerous people I’ve recently spoken to, have expressed their concerns on the global impact the...

Healthy Heart & Mind – Coping during the pandemic
Ecological Self Awareness

Ecological Self Awareness is one of the ‘new life hacks,’ we need to be educated...

Ecological Self Awareness
After LOCKDOWN #covid19

Are we our own worst enemy? After being in lockdown in France for over the...

After LOCKDOWN #covid19

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